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Super Smash Flash 2

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The reboot has expanded the single-player experience. Classic Mode, for instance, has a greater variety of opponents, along with a new system called the "Peril Roulette" which randomly chooses an advantage or disadvantage for the player and the opponent(s) depending on the difficulty. For Stadium, Target Test has been renamed Target Smash and features two ways for playing: the first is a general system that features several levels and difficulties with a set pattern for targets on each level, the second one is more similar to the original's system, in which each character has a specifically-designed, individual level that tests the character's own abilities to destroy the targets. Multi-Man Melee is now called Multi-Man Smash and the player now confronts black-palette versions of Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu, all whom have very limited movesets and high stamina. A missing Stadium sub-mode from the official games that is absent from the original SSF gets reincorporated: Home-Run Contest, where the objective is to launch as far as possible the Sandbag by previously racking up its damage, players are able to enable a disable a protective barrier that prevents the sandbag of getting out of the main platform, unless launched strong enough to break it. An Event Mode was also implemented, where players have to complete specific missions or defeat certain characters to accomplish the event; there is a total of 57 events to complete in the game to.

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